Please find below all available downloads for our range of products. These are arranged by product and category to make finding the download you require as easy as possible.

Please Note
Datasheets can be downloaded by anyone, but all other downloads are only available to our customers. If you have one of our products, but were not the original purchaser please visit our support page and raise a ticket.
When updating your products Configuration, Firmware or Tools always install the latest versions as a set. After installation, re-configure your module (without rebooting) first and program the new firmware last. If you experience any problems, install and re-program using the contents of the Legacy folder.


TitleDescriptionVersionSizeDate addedDownload
HGx Templates HGx Templates10.2.62.78 MB26-07-2021 Download


TitleDescriptionVersionSizeDate addedDownload
Desktop USB HART Modem Datasheet1.3659.54 KB22-03-2021 DownloadPreview
HG1 Intelligent HART Gateway Datahseet1.32.75 MB22-03-2021 DownloadPreview
RMC Serial HART Modem Datasheet1.0411.40 KB22-03-2021 DownloadPreview
RMC USB HART Modem Datasheet1.0494.65 KB22-03-2021 DownloadPreview


TitleDescriptionVersionSizeDate addedDownload
HG1 Firmware HG1 Firmware5.0.33.52 MB08-08-2021 Download


TitleDescriptionVersionSizeDate addedDownload
HGx Tools HGx Tools2.9.121.30 MB01-10-2021 Download
RAP Tools RAP Tools4.8.011.33 MB22-03-2021 Download


TitleDescriptionVersionSizeDate addedDownload
HG1 Firmware HG1 Firmware3.6.7475.25 KB08-08-2021 Download
HGx Templates HGx Templates8.0.4304.92 KB23-03-2021 Download
HGx Tools HGx Tools2.5.118.88 MB23-03-2021 Download
RAP Tools RAP Tools4.5.110.58 MB23-03-2021 Download

Legacy (v2)

TitleDescriptionVersionSizeDate addedDownload
HG1 Firmware v2 For v2 Hardware Only2.1.21.86 MB14-05-2021 Download
HGx Templates v2 For v2 Hardware Only7.3.11189.31 KB14-05-2021 Download
HGx Tools v2 For v2 Hardware Only2.0.017.87 MB14-05-2021 Download
RAP Tools v2 For v2 Hardware Only4.3.011.50 MB14-05-2021 Download